After only two Days in Toretta  I checked the possible Routes to Munich and saw that Amden is more or less directly on the Route. Checking the Amden Website for Contact i also saw, that our Travelteacher Klaus Kaltenbrunner is in Amden for the Weekend to lead another 8th Karmapa Retreat. There was "only" a Spare Bed in in the Dormitory. No Problem with that, "warmer than in the Car" I thought ;-)

So driving to Amden i chose the Spügen Pass for entering Swiss, 52 Switchbacks up (all numbered) to 2100m, nice Ride, but i wasnt prepared for the Swiss Alpes. For Some Minutes i was totally overwhelmed, after this long Time driving from one beautiful Place to another Power Place i had the feeling that i couldnt  bear more of those good Impressions. On the Border to Swiss i stopped the Car for some Minutes and openened the Gates crying with Joy and just letting go the flooded Mind.

And Amden again is a Place where i thought: "can anyone pinch me Please? A Retreat Center with Sauna, Swimming Pool, First Class Food, an Incredible view over the Walen Lake and into the Glarner Alps" This is a Dream. The stay here was even shorter than in Toretta, just a bit more than 24 Hours but filled with Meditations and also talking with so many Friends. And of Course i could not resist to the Temptations of the Amden Shop, so many Buddha Statues in really good Quality i had to buy one ;-). And also after Years of looking for a new Gau (an Amulett which will be filled over the Years with blessed Objects) i finally found my new one here. And the best thing about the Dormitory: Its directly front of the Enlightenment Stupa, could not be better :-)