Next Stop: The Buddha House in Rousse. After an interesting and a bit exciting Ride through Bucharest we arrived in Bulgaria in the Lovely City of Rousse, greeted by Rainbows at the Border Control ;-)

Marinela and Nicola gave us a warm welcome and showed us  around the Big City Center with a Cafe  and a Lecture Hall and many many Rooms with  high Ceiling which are customary in Houses of the Gründerzeit.  Actual the Old Houses in the City where mainly build by austrian Architects so Rousse is sometimes also Called "small Vienna".  Like in all places we were on the trip so far we are everytime amazed which incredible places are owned by the Diamondway Foundation. Every Place has its own special Energy but the common denominator besides the common teacher and meditations is that we feel immediatly "at home".

We had a lazy Day on the Lovely Rooftop of the House and enjoyed the relaxed Atmosphere of the City on this warm late Summer Day (27 degrees) with a small walk through the beautiful City and the Danube Promenade. The Danube is here already wide as a  small see.  We perceived the City and the People living here as very relaxed, open and very kind. In Romonia we had the feeling to be mainly watched suspicously,  which is of  course all only a short impression and has only anecdotic evidence ;-)

Like before we had interesting talks with the the Sangha friends and its always nice to see how many courses and tours we shared already and how interconnected the Sangha is.