The Victory Stupa in the Diamondway "Headquarter" is also one of the Original seven Swiss Stupas, A Gift from the Sangha Bern,  waiting for the even bigger Victory Stupa which is planned a bit higher above and near the Summercourse terrain which will be inaugurated next Year.

Being in Munich, the obvious thing to do is visiting  Lama Ole Nydahl giving a Lecture in the Europe Center. Without words :-) Nothing Compares to drinking from the Source.

So now I am in in the beginning of the third leg of the Stupatour, just woke up in Bogota, Columbia after a comfy 11h flight from Paris, the longest flight so far ...

I am a bit jetlaggy and the height of the City is also strange. A Capital at the altitude of 2500m isn't that usual. But I am very excited to travel today to Villa de Leyva and to the actual Retreat Place KPL where the Victory Stupa is been build up and filled in the last weeks. If i understood it correctly the Lifetree was inserted Yesterday. The final Inauguration will take place on Saturday the 5th.