Words, especially words i am capable of, can't describe the incredible Experience we made in that 8 Days in Karma Palsang Ling, Colombia.

What a Feast of Joy and deep inner and outer Meaning.

The process of building up the Victory Stupa started with the Blessing for a Stupa given by Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche during his first Visit in Colombia in 1993 and following Lama Ole’s wish, the Colombians Sangha build a Victory Stupa in the retreat center KPL, the first Diamond Way Stupa of the Americas. The complete Timeline until the Consecration on the 5th November 2022 by Lama Nedo Rinpoche could by seen here:

Our Project KPL-Stupa
Following Lama Ole’s wish, we are building a Victory Stupa in our retreat center KPL, the first Diamond Way S.tupa of the Americas. The idea of having a Stupa in Colombia first arouse in 1993 when Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche, Lama Ole and Hannah’s first teacher, visited our country for the first time.Twen…

This was and is the ultimate "Stupa Experience" during this Eight Week long Stupa and Retreat Center Tour.

I am so deeply thankful to Lama Ole Nydahl for this blissful and rich Time. With his and Lamani Hannahs tireless effort through the last 50 Years and our great worldwide Sangha all this became possible.

I can only wish Everyone this: that one can participate in the process of building up a Stupa at least once in a Lifetime.