After we visited all the holy places of the jews, muslims and christians in Jerusalem, there are even more religions in Israel to learn about.  In Haifa is the big Bahai Temple, nearby many Druze Villages (were we enjoyed the food and exceptional hospitality of the Druze very much) and also many People living around Haifa are following the Ahmadiyya, a somehow reformed version of the Sunni Islam. We visited also a "mainstream" Synagogue and a real kind and patient Jew answered all our funny questions about the jewish views on Reincarnation, Guild, Fate and so on. The North of Israel is really green and has a very rich Nature. There is this saying that Jerusalem is for praying, Tel Aviv for party and Haifa for work. For me it felt not so tense and crazy like Jerusalem und not so busy and loud like Tel Aviv.  I really like all three Cities very much, but if i had to choose, Haifa would be my favorite. The Israelis are brewing very tasty und good Craft Beers, and my favorite (Malka) comes from Galilee - which would also be a plus for Haifa ;-)