The Nordic-Tour 2023 as Part of the 365 Diamondway Tour ends here for me ( and goes on in Central Asia starting with Kyrgyzstan).  I stayed 4 Nights and used the Time for meditating and let all the many many Impressions of the Last 3 weeks sink in.

The Retreat Center in Lolland ist also one of these very special Places where all High Rinpoches of the Karma Kagyu Lineage gave so many Empowerments to so many People.

So much Joy, so much Friendship, so much inner and outer Richness, the Lama always present. One could really experience physically that the Sangha is the Body of the Lama and deeply open up to the Blessing.  Looking back these 3 Weeks felt like 3 Months.

The first Night back Home i woke up in the Middle of the Night and  like often after intense travelling i wasn't shure about the actual Location and felt all the Friends lying around me like Sleeping together in the Gompa exactly how we did it in so many Places.