Unfortunately the Tour Bassist Nate Navarro was absent due to a family emergency and the Bass Parts were taped before the Show. Nevertheless a great Concert with many Goosebump Moments. I am very Happy that i got the Chance to See one of my Favourite Bands at least once Live. I missed the Tour last Year because of my Stupa Tour and got into Steven Wilson with "the Raven that refused to sing" long after Porcupine Tree went dormant until Last Year.

Set 1:

  1. Blackest Eyes
  2. Harridan
  3. Of the New Day
  4. Rats Return
  5. Mellotron Scratch
  6. Open Car
  7. Dignity
  8. The Sound of Muzak
  9. Chimera's Wreck

Set 2:

  1. Fear of a Blank Planet
  2. Buying New Soul
  3. Walk the Plank
  4. Herd Culling
  5. Anesthetize
  6. I Drive the Hearse
  7. Sleep Together


  1. Collapse the Light Into Earth
  2. Halo
  3. Trains